How do I buy Digital Metals?
Open your account and buy gold 24/7 through our online platform. Minimum purchase is .01 ounces of gold.
What do Digital Metals cost?
The current $10 premium is charged per ounce of gold and will adjust based on the quantity purchased. For example, an order of 0.50 ounces of gold will incur a $5 premium, and so forth. DGGold is the only digital metals platform to date that charges no ongoing transaction or storage fees.
Does DGGold charge sales tax on digital metals purchases?
No, DGGold is not subject to sales tax.
How do I pay for Digital Metals?
We accept bank wire, ACH (bank account), or personal checks for customers in the United States.
What are the wire instructions for payment?
BBVA Compass
17218 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75252
ABA# 062 - 001 -186
ACCT.# 6708694841
To Credit the Account of:
Dillon Gage 15301 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200 Addison, TX 75001
Compass ACH Routing # 113010547
Please make sure to reference your Customer Number and the Sales Order Number(s) when wiring funds
What is the mailing address for payment?
Dillon Gage Inc. of Dallas
15301 Dallas Pkwy., Suite 200
Addison, TX 75001
Please put your Customer Number and the Sales Order Number(s) to be paid on your check.
How long does it take for Digital Metals to appear in my account?
Real-time prices are locked in at the time of your order. DGGold holdings will appear in your account within 24 hours of us receiving funds. See our ordering and payment policies for more details.
How are Digital Metals different from an ETF?
Each share of an ETF represents ownership in a fund that in turn holds physical gold, which gives you no direct title to the bullion. In addition, many ETF’s carry built-in management fees. Unlike an ETF, DGGold represents 100% direct ownership of .995 or better pure physical gold. DGGold retains no intermediate entity and you pay no management fees.
What is a cryptographically-secure blockchain ledger?
Each Digital Metals transaction is permanently recorded onto a blockchain ledger using cryptography. This means that the data is converted into an unbreakable code that cannot be deciphered by an unauthorized user. Senders and receivers (such as Dillon Gage and the Royal Canadian Mint) can only authenticate each other through matching key pairs, which protects the integrity of the data throughout the entire transaction and storage process.
Are Digital Metals a cryptocurrency?
No. While DGGold uses components of Blockchain technology to securely and accurately record metals ownership on a daily basis, we utilize a private and permissioned ecosystem limited to regulated dealers and institutions. Your purchase gives you ownership to 100% physical gold that is stored in insured, highly-secure vaults.
Are Digital Metals transactions reported to the IRS?
No. DGGold does not prepare or send a year-end tax form 1099-B. All tax reporting and documentation is the sole responsibility of the user. Contact your tax advisor for any questions about how precious metals transactions should be reported.
How do I sell Digital Metals?
Sell all or a portion of your metals online 24/7 by logging into your account and clicking “Sell” on the holdings page. When selling a product, you will receive the bid spot price of the metal minus the premium. You can choose to receive your funds via check or ACH during the checkout process. If you choose to receive your proceeds via ACH, it is our policy that withdrawals must be made payable to the originating account. DGGold does not charge any additional fees for personal check or ACH.
Will you be offering more digital products in the future?
Yes! We will consistently add exciting new features to DGGold, and we plan to add additional products to our digital metals suite in the near future. Sign up for DGGold now so you will be the first to experience all of our innovative new offerings.

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